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AIsBreaker Docs

Our Vision

We want to provide a free and open-sourced tool for app developers to access almost any generative AI service in the most easy and most open way.

What is AIsBreaker?

AIsBreaker offers a developer-friendly API for streamlined access to a variety of AI services, including the OpenAI/ChatGPT API, Hugging Face AIs, Open Assistant API, and more, all through a consistent and standardized interface. It is a free open-source tool designed to prevent vendor lock-in, ensuring users have the freedom to choose and switch between different service providers without constraints.

APIs/SDKs are available for JavaScript/TypeScript, Java/Kotlin/JVM, Python (under development), Bash Shellscript, and REST API.

Free open-source with MIT license.


How to Read the Docs?

You can explore AIsBreaker in these phases:

Released under the MIT License.