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AIsBreaker Packages for TypeScript and JavaScript

The main TypeScript/JavaScript code is organized in a single aisbreaker-js git repo. This Monorepo is splitted up in a couple of npm packages (ES modules).

AIsBreaker consists of the packages listed below. Details about recent changes and the latest versions of the packages can be found in the CHANGELOG.

  • aisbreaker-api-js (old name: aisbreaker-api) (needed for browser and for NodeJS apps)

    • basic API (interfaces)
    • base classes and functions for client use of the API
    • base utils for service (adapters, filters, combinators) implementations
    • inclusive aisbreaker/dummy and aisbreaker/remote adapters
    • everything running in NodeJS and in modern browsers
    • source code, reference docs (generated)
  • aisbreaker-core-browserjs (needed for browsers apps)

  • aisbreaker-core-nodejs (needed for NodeJS apps)

  • aisbreaker-chat-cli

  • aisbreaker-chat-webapp

  • (maybe later) aisbreaker-extended(-services)-nodejs

    • rarely used and experimental adapters
  • (maybe later) aisbreaker-community(-services)-nodejs

    • adapters developed by the community
  • aisbreaker-server

    • code to run an NodeJS + Express HTTP server, to serve the AIsBreaker API via REST
    • inclusive server default setup
    • source code

Released under the MIT License.