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Release and Deploy new Versions

Upgrade Version of aisbreaker-js Packages

After a successful CI build of the develop branch, follow these steps to upgrade the version of the aisbreaker-js packages:

# fresh checkout (after successful CI build of `develop` branch
git clone
cd aisbreaker-js/

# increase version (use the desired version number instead of 0.0.0)
./ 0.0.0

# commit and push
git status
git add -A .
git commit -m "Upgraded to version 0.0.0"
git push

Wait again for a successful build. Then merge to main branch:

git checkout main
git merge develop
git status
git push

Check the CI build of main branch and Review pending deployments and approve demo-prod deployments.

Released Artifacts

If the process was successful, then the new versions should be published/deployed:

Released under the MIT License.