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Services (List)

Each generative AI service connected to or provided by AIsBreaker has one or more serviceIds to select the task, the service/vendor and the engine/AI model.

The following table shows the service connectors/features availability:

serviceId + examplesClient API (TS/JS)REST APIDescription(Default) AI Service URL - if applicable
chat:dummyOKOKcost-free dummy chat - for testing only-
chat:openai.comOKOKChatGPT from OpenAI (default engine)<ENGINE>OKOKChatGPT from OpenAI from OpenAI: GPT 3.5 from OpenAI: GPT 4 Cloud Vertext AI gemini-pro-<ENGINE>OKOKaccess Hugging Face model with name <ENGINE>${engine} Hugging Face model microsoft/DialoGPT-large<ENGINE>OKOKaccess model with name <ENGINE> model meta/llama-2-70b-chat
text-to-image:dummyOKOKcost-free dummy image generation - for testing only-
text-to-image:openai.comOKOKOpenAI DALL-E image generation
text-to-image:stability.aiOKOKStable Diffusion image generation${engine}/text-to-image,
aisbreaker:proxyOKOKforward to another AIsBreaker server

Currently not implemented for reasons:

Released under the MIT License.