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Writing Docs for


The docs includes the full documentation, from an introduction of the AIsBreaker project to in-depth technical docs and references.

We use VitePress to generate the static website.

If you want to contribute, please checkout the Contact page for more details.

Changing the Docs

Source code (markdown files) of this docs:

To locally run a web server to check the rendered results in real-time before committing:


To locally check for dead link and other errors (before committing):


Formatting Hints

Markdown formatting hints:


Some examples of static tech docs - maybe a source of inspiration:

Diagrams with Mermaid

We use Mermaid to generate diagrams. It is a diagramming and charting tool that uses Markdown-inspired text definitions and a renderer to create and modify complex diagrams.

It's integrated into VitePress with the vitepress-plugin-mermaid.


graph TD
  A[Enter Chart Definition] --> B(Preview)
  B --> C{decide}
  C --> D[Keep]
  C --> E[Edit Definition]
  E --> B
  D --> F[Save Image and Code]
  F --> B

Example result:


Released under the MIT License.